Are you planning to move to Spain? Already on Spanish soil? If so, you might have a few things you don't feel up tackling yourself in the process of getting settled in your city, and it is not just the language we are talking about here.

69English provides you with a comprehensive list of services that will surely help in your settling endeavours. You can benefit from our services from anywhere in the globe with an Internet connection!

  • Spanish classes for anglo-speakers in Spain or all over the world: custom-tailored to your specific needs, preferences or level. We have a broad teaching experience with English speakers, whose Spanish level has dramatically improved. We take pride in offering a spanish lifestyle immersion course, striving to cover as many day-to-day language situations as possible. Take advantage and leverage online possibilities by taking your lessons via Skype. Physical boundaries disappear and as a result you will optimize the use of your time. Telephone classes are also available at your request. You can directly get your lessons here. If you need specific lessons or have any special requests, contact us here or drop us an email at Dust off your Spanish and put it to work now!
  • Taking on a job in Spain or applying to a new position? Get your cv or letter of recommendation translated into Spanish to ensure a strong, positive impact on your potential employer. Good references are key to any job position, so you want them to be crystal-clear to your employers! We also provide guided assistance to prepare you for your prospective job interview or group dynamics. You can instantly get your translations here.
  • We help with your questions about red tape. We know bureaucracy can turn a simple step-by-step process into a dreaded mess. The Administration? Fear not: we assist you by explaining the steps involved and translating and/or explaining any files, forms or documents to you. 
  • We also help to get you covered with the basic services and their contracting requirements: landline phone contracts, cellphone plans, Internet, hiring your new flat, dealing with your landlord/landlady...
  • Don't drown in legalese! Our experts provide basic legal assistance and advice on any legal issue you may encounter in your stay. Usually, the problems you could most likely be facing are public fines, mishaps in the negotiation of your rental agreement or issues arisen in your working relations. You might also want to have our back in your buying/selling transactions and the actual intricacies these may present.

We get you going with a quality, affordable service that will definitely suit your requirements.


We will gladly help you, just tell us what you need!


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