02. febrero 2018
I am going to leave some useful videogame terminology here, in case you are not yet familiar with some of the terms you have found all throughout the article: Game mechanics are constructs of rules or methods designed for interaction with the game state, thus providing gameplay. Gameplay is the specific way in which players interact with a game. It is the pattern defined through the game rules, and and serves as a connection between the player and the action, its challenges and how to...

01. febrero 2018
¿se debe seguir algún método o sistema a la hora de ver la tele en inglés? Yo opino que sí. Creo que es una tontería esperar a tener ‘cierto nivel’ de inglés antes de atreverse. Hay que tirarse a la piscina y aceptar que, al principio, va a ser muy difícil entender lo que se está diciendo en la pantalla, incluso si tu nivel es medio-alto. es innegable que ver la TV en inglés con o sin subtítulos ayuda enormemente a afinar nuestro oído y aprender terminología nueva.

18. enero 2018
¿Qué es un contrato o acuerdo 360? ¿Cómo influye el cambio de paradigma en la industria musical? ¿Cuáles son las nuevas funciones y roles del artista? Descubre esto y mucho más en este artículo.

16. enero 2018
For a long time, major record companies held almost the monopoly of the industry. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, British artists and producers launched independent labels as outlets for their work and the artists they liked, but mostly failed as were swallowed by the majors. Meanwhile, on the United States independent labels and distributors founded The Recording Academy, famous as the organization behind the Grammy Awards. This organization was formed by labels such as Herald, Ember or...

30. diciembre 2017
Todo el equipo de profesionales que formamos 69English tenemos una especial implicación solidaria en el ejercicio de nuestras funciones docentes y asistenciales, acorde con la acción de Responsabilidad Social de la escuela. Por eso nos enorgullece aportar nuestro granito de arena ayudando a las personas que más lo puedan necesitar en el acceso a nuestra enseñanza general y profesional del Inglés. Consulta las condiciones especiales, beneficios y descuentos que ofrecemos. ¡Te ayudamos!

29. diciembre 2017
This is the legal version of the beautifully penned poem by Clement Clarke Moore "A Visit from St. Nicholas". It keeps all the mystery flowing as St. Nick arrives with his reindeer entourage to do his job, the night before Christmas, while adding that lovely legal jargon that will ring a bell for every lawyer, solicitor, attorney or legal professional. The legal version of this wonderful poem is suitable for students of a degree in Law or LLM. Enjoy!

26. diciembre 2017
This is a lovely and very Christmassy poem to keep you toasty warm in this season. I suggest you read it beside the fireplace, with the family in its entirety gathered around the Nativity scene. You will feel the magic coming! Enjoy!

26. diciembre 2017
In the UK at this time of the year, you will never be far from the sound of music and festive cheer. From Carol singing in the streets and churches, to the pantomimes and the Christmas number 1, music accompanies those from the British Isles during the Christmas celebrations but where does this tradition come from and what makes a great Christmas song?

13. diciembre 2017
‘He’s so lazy!’ How often is this heard in offices around the world? ‘Lazy’ may be a common word but it’s one we love to apply to others. From colleagues to couples to international accusations against lazy countries, people can be quick to judge others’ work rate.

12. diciembre 2017
The UK has a long history of being connected to Christianity over centuries yet Britain is no longer a nation of churchgoers. However, it seems that the one time during the year that people are willing to go is at Christmas when the festive services take place. Why is this?

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